Hi, I’m Camila Plate and I founded Atelier Kami to make my dream come true: be my own boss and do what I like best every day, drawing!

I’m a designer with a penchant for visual identities and logo design. I’m also an environmentalist. The state of our planet is not rosy and I don’t want to pretend that everything is fine.

But I don’t think that we have to be down about it. I think being a little too naïve is better than a little too negative. We must have fun and add humor to every project we undertake.

I believe the world is in great need of better brands, I want to be part of that shift  . 

Let’s brand that change together!
Check out my process to get a better idea of  how I work.

My services

Visual identities

  • Primary logo

  • Secondary logo

  • Mark(s)

  • Brand pattern

  • Color palette

  • Font system

  • Collateral items


  • Announcement card (wedding, birth,...)

  • Poster

  • Pattern

Want More?

No problem! The majority of my clients add other particular services (packaging, labels, layout services and more) to their orders. Each collaboration is a customized to your needs, so don’t hesitate to ask me.